About Alec

Hello I am Alec Beckley, and I am a self taught designer who graduated from Brent International School Manila with an IB Diploma. I am currently freelancing on a variety of projects for individuals and small businesses, specialising in web design/development and UX/UI design.

Before UX, I was teaching myself how to code websites. So I have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also have working knowledge of concepts and frameworks such as State Charts, React, and SASS. Being naturally empathetic, I grew a love for design and UX. Being able to study human behaviour and using design to improve people's lives for the better through creating usable and intuitive experiences is a constant goal of mine.

Originally from the Philippines, I have grown up and studied in the US, Singapore, and UK where I currently reside.

Growing up mixed race, surrounded by different cultures and people in many places has taught me so much about the beauty in different cultures as well as human behaviour all around the world. It has allowed me to develop empathy and observation very early.

Outside of design I love travelling, being surrounded by nature, reading, and listening to all kinds of music.

I am eager to continue learning and improving myself so I can be the best that I can be.

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